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Organic Lawn Care

Adding a special tint to your house can be best done through organic lawn care. Those who are keen to eliminate the chemical-based solutions will be pleased to find some time-tested tricks on how to organize their yard and have the most dazzling lawn in the neighborhood. Besides the aesthetic factors it is also important to consider the eventual damages that might effect the plants and spotless condition of your garden. Skim through the necessary steps and measures to plan an environment-friendly garden makeover.

Organic Low Care Tips

Our garden can be righteously considered a real piece of jewelry of our home. People who like to spend their days in the green regions will be thrilled to find out that they can also have a bit of this paradise right near their house. The secret to benefit from the pleasant atmosphere, a well-defined and high brow lawn can offer lies in our ambition to take all the necessary measures to improve the landscape of our neighborhood. Using the proper tools as well as nature-friendly products will guarantee both our and our guests' health. Those who would like to rule out the chance of any damages pesticides and chemical products might cause should appeal to the following rituals that would turn their garden into a heavenly and hospital place.

  • During spring it is highly recommended to spare the grass from the accumulated residues that might produce clumping and the deterioration of its quality. The perfect tool to do this is a rake, which will brush the lawn gently without leaving behind any bare patches. This is the first step towards a dazzling garden. In fact this is one of the safety measure used before mowing and trimming the grass to the desired height.

  • Often the harsh weather might generate the appearance of bare spots in your lawn. There's no need to panic the damage is irreversible. All you have to do is sow the soil again and spread some grass seeds to restore the lawn.

    Use a tiny gardening fork to soften the section and pour some seed by lifting a portion of the land offering a cover for these tiny ingredients. Make sure you keep the proper gardening measures in order to increase the chances for the success of the restoration process. Proceed the same way with all the bare patches.

  • Mowing plays a crucial importance in re-modeling the lawn to personal preferences. In the case of organic lawn care it is advisable to trim the grass only after it reaches 0.5 inches (1 cm) or higher. However professionals recommend the adaptation of the height of the lawn to the particular season we are in. This way the ideal measures would be:
    -spring 1.25 inches
    -summer 2.4 inches
    -autumn also 1.25 inches
    Mowing the grass to short might ruin its quality and would encourage the appearance of various damaging weeds. Whereas leaving it too long can also be harmful since it can look worn-out and weaken in its resistance. Find the golden middle way to make the lawn look good and at the same time polish its spotless condition.

  • After mowing the lawn make sure you leave the residues on the grass since it is a demonstrated fact that after the decomposition these would emanate the nutrients which can further nourish the remaining grass.

    This should be especially done during the summer and spring. However if your clip the grass at the beginning of the growing you can remove them since the decomposition might be too slow to be efficient.

  • Perennial weeds can also flood your garden which might cause some serious damages. However your all time winner ace, is clover. This plants has some miraculous effects on the lawn. For the sake of the best state of your garden plant these herbs since clovers have the ability to collect the nitrogen and emanate it to the growing lawn targeting the roots. Add this element to the lawn during the spring season to enjoy the oh-so-fab effect of the grass all throughout the upcoming seasons. Moreover add some organic fertilizers that can also prevent the grass from harmful agents. Natural composts are just perfect to enhance the healthy growth.

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